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How To Make Money Online Without Using Facebook

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Making money online is one of the most asked question all of the world. Now what happens if you are ask by someone how to make money without using Facebook.

Facebook is the largest social media platform all over the world with billions of users online, Facebook is a community, people from different parts of the world uses Facebook, the people i know uses Facebook and i think everyone i know uses Facebook And a while ago someone ask me if i have Facebook, which i do And I answered I have twitter.

Then this person ask me what’s with twitter? Oh well. And then the conversation goes on and on.

But how do you make money without using Facebook? Giant companies nowadays like,, etc started from humble beginning. These companies started during the internet boom back in the 90s and if you read their story they started from scratch. And now Facebook. So going back to the question, how to make money without using Facebook.


1 Create A Blog

Start your very own blog and start blogging. You do not need to become the greatest writer in the world to create a blog or to start blogging. And if you plan to create a blog with hosting then i would recommend to host you very own blog instead of using a free blogging platform.Everybody wants free right? But if you are serious about growing your hard work and sacrifices then you need to make an investment

You cannot just get a free hosting and only plan for today you need to also make sure that you are planning for the future. And the most effective way for you to do that is to create you own blog and not free. But a paid one this will allow you to build your community and followers towards you and the things that you write and do. The content that you write on your Facebook profile of Facebook page will stay on the feed for a few hours before it will replace buy a different feed.

But the contents that you write on your blog will stay on your blog as long as the blog is active.


2 Write a book and become a self publish author

You might be thinking why i am recommending a lot of writing ideas. And ask me what if i don’t like to write. If you don’t know how or do not like to write then you can make a video if that makes you comfortable instead of writing. Writing opens you to a ton of opportunity out there. And you must remember that if you study world famous billionaires, they have their own books. Most famous billionaires are also authorsKeep That in Mind — it does not mean that they are writers, moat billionaire have their biography, business topics etc.  Now do you see idea why you need to develop your love of writing?

Self publishing can be easily done today if you compare it to how authors publish books decades ago.


3 Create and start your very own eCommerce website


You can use Shopify as they offer free 30 Days No Credit Card Required, which will give you sufficient time to build your store — Tap or Click the image above and it will route you to shopify website to start creating your Store and it is my affiliate link the commissions i make will help me maintain this website and provide more quality information to my readers

Ecommerce is a well-known money making strategy that you can do. Creating your very own ecommerce store like the famous giant ecommerce company Amazon. So how do you compete with other ecommerce store? Remember that selling products or building an ecommerce store requires you to either maintain a very good cashflow if your are using drop-shipping method or a huge capital startup investment for handling huge overhead cost. There are different factors that makes an ecommerce store standouts from the rest but i will discuss the three.

One – The Free Shipping

Most customers are not willing to pay for shipping. Of course because most customers don’t understand logistics, the transportation cost, the fuel, and the whole nine yards of shipping and delivery process.

Two – Product cost comparison

This is where a retail war can happen in a heartbeat.

Retailer number one drops the cost of the retail product one becoming more affordable versus the other retailers


Retailer number two drops the cost of the same retail product becoming more affordable than the retailer one.

And then you notice that each retailer selling the same product lowered the cost of the product as well.

So what happens then? You guess it a price war. Which one is affordable and which one is the most effective for shipping products for free.

Three – Product Support

Customer service still plays pivotal role in building customers.

But we also need to keep in mind that although most ecommerce store prefer to sell very affordable products that can lower the gap between the profit margin expenses or the invested capital, but do you really want to settle selling cheap products?

Keep in mind that a cheap products sold cheap for a reason. Because making the product is cheap using cheap materials and cheap standards This basically means low quality Low standard products.

And this also means high risk, high customer complain, high cancellation.

Separate yourself and your store from cheap, the sales will come from the quality and the prize

And technically speaking most people online will buy cheap products. But the idea here is build your site on your own terms stop following the cheap and affordable with low standard.

Become different amongst the rest so that your store will stand out. And your product support will be less of a stress. I am sure that that there are other ways and methods to make money online without using Facebook. People made real money online even before Facebook was created. We just need to study the past.

And you might say that the past strategy and ideas of making money online are outdated. Wrong. They are not outdated the idea of making money online is the same now since the internet boom back in the 1990s

The technology had change, but the cornerstone principles are still the same.



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