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How to create digital business using Affiliate Marketing – Step by Step 2018

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When it comes to internet marketing one of the best way to earn a very good income is to build affiliate marketing business.

In this article we shall describe what is affiliate marketing the process of creating it and how can it help any internet marketers earn a living using the power of affiliate approach.

So what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a method of internet marketers where referrals are use to achieve sales while collecting emails for list building for more sales opportunity.

Starting an affiliate marketing business is not difficult. There are a lot of hard work that are needed and involve in building a profitable affiliate marketing online platform, and most of the work will come from writing articles or blog posts.

Although the process of building an internet marketing website requires consistent article publishing the sales will be worth it.


1 Start a Website

Starting your very own website is the first part of building your very first internet marketing platform.

The reason why we need to have a website is because we need to capitalize all the money making techniques in internet marketing while building and affiliate marketing blog post

Website costs are broken down to the following.


Cost of a Domain

The costs of purchasing your very own domain name can be around $10 or more, some domain registrar companies will offer a free domain purchase when you subscribe to a annual plan. A domain name is an absolute requirement at the beginning stage of affiliate business.

The name of your website can be a targeted keyword or niche related niche. But at the beginning of every process we must always remember that we will somehow along the way will need to diversify and scale our website to cover more market share to create the needed audience from each market that we are targeting.

For example, a person who wanted to travel and really like to write a travel blog and tell there story to the world.

Fast forward the blog grew and the readers and traffic and audience grew as well. So the owner of the blog expand the market share of the website to a food theme, this allows us to cover more topic about travel while covering topics about the different kinds of food while traveling.


Cost of the Web Hosting

Don’t just settle for a free domain and hosting service. In order for us to earn money we also need to put financial investment and time investment to all the needed processes that are required in building an internet marketing business or platform.

Hosting your own domain name allows you to offer all kinds of internet marketing services and while building the affiliate marketing business at the same time.

The costs of purchasing your own hosting will start from month to month or annual plan and can be around $50 or $100 which depends entirely to the hosting provider.

Some people starting an internet marketing business does not have the capital to purchase an annual plan that is the main reason why people choose to get month to month subscription instead of paying an annual plan subscription.

Hosting is needed so that we can setup our affiliate marketing business while expanding our online revenue.

This is my recommended hosting

Web Hosting


The website theme, The maintenance, The security

Creating a website, writing contents, advertising and promotion are different steps when starting an online business and is one part of the online business structure.

The other part is maintenance, security and managing your website for better usability.


2 Content Marketing

Creating website contents can be a daunting task at the beginning of every process in the internet marketing of every business online.

We talk about contents we can discuss contents like video contents, infographics, guide or tutorials, blog posts, articles, e books etc.

The possibility of contents creation opens a wide avenue of opportunity and business related services.

But how do you know which content or what content do you need to write?

This is where your we need to go back at the beginning stage of creating our website. At beginning area of this article i have mention that we need to target a specific market.

Now how do you target a market using contents?

Simple, write your contents that target the market, your contents or article should provide resolution to the problems and issues of that specific market.

The contents that you write or we should focus must provide resolution to the problems that are involved in our targeted market. The reason why we need to do this because we need to let people know that we are an authority to the topics that we are writing about

Our authority gives us the ability to build credibility to our audience dealing with different issues about the market that we are targeting

Do you really need to write articles ?

Content marketing is hard work. Writing 1000 words article is not Easy or simple as writing123 and done process.

At the beginning of every stage it will always be like this. It can be difficult at the start but as you progress and develop your skills in writing blog posts or articles or contents the time that you have invested in writing so many articles will pay off along the way.

3 Advertise

After you create substantial amount of content on your website or blog. The next that you need to do is to increase your traffic

Without traffic there is no possible way to achieve what we want to do with our website. No matter how many excellent contents we have written, we need to get the content optimize for search engine while we advertise our business to the market that we are targeting.

Advertising is one of the fastest way that we can do to get the word out. Nowadays there are many business opportunities all over the internet these opportunities are being advertise everyday.

Now is the time for us to create our own advertising as well to reach as many people as we can. These people are our target market and the kind of traffic that we need.

Advertising can be a bit expensive, but the return is amazing. Do not be worried if you have paid your hard earned money in advertising because if done correctly the return will be very beneficial to your online business.

Yes advertising can costs a lot of money, and can be very expensive. But like every other businesses out there the same principle of risk and return apply. If you decide to play safe all the time and not take a risk, you will just be wasting the time that you have invested.

Adverting is a trial and error process you need to test which one works and which one does not work.

This is sometimes referred to A/B split testing. As a marketer we need to know which advertising campaign works better and which one is performing the good or excellent.

Each advertising platform is different.

For example if we refer to google advertising platform called Google Adwords, or if we talk about Facebook adverts or Bing search engine.

Each platform is different but offers an audience reach, to reach our audience we need to expand our network by tapping to the most high traffic websites in the world.

Note : I will be writing more topics about advertising.

4 Creating Products Reviews

In affiliate marketing creating topics that discusses about a specific product will allow an affiliate marketer to tell and share topics and ideas of using the products

Product reviews are created for the purpose of reviewing the pros and cons of a specific product. The discussion will always focus to the benefits of course but not to hide or sway the audience of the areas of opportunity of a specific product.

Whenever we decide to review a product we need to make sure that we have use the product and tested the benefits that comes with the product.

Can i review a products without using it?

Yes and No. Well, technically speaking Yes you can review any products that you want provided that these are related to your market.

If you have not use the product and would like to create a review on it, then i would suggest to subscribe or get a demo version, free version, free sample and make a review after that.

In that way you can come up with the things that you want to say and share about the product that you have use.

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