About me

First of all i would like to thank you for visiting my website.

I would like to to introduce myself, my name is Aulliver and i have created this website to share to the world – World stories through real news, Leadership motivation, Success stories, Entertainment update and other genre I will be adding in the future.

Furthermore i shall include business strategies and everything about business and success and life.

For news articles or post – In this site I will be providing well-researched stories all over the internet. For news post i will be adding the sources of every short news i will be posting, news post are given credits at the end of every post i will be publishing.

I will also be sharing my knowledge and experiences and years of struggles of trial and error defeats and failure through different categories in these website and how to overcome it. Adversities can be overcome, Action can Lead to success through consistent repetition of non-stop action.


More About Me

I believe the start of every progress in life is Personal Development.


The change will always start within


I have spent 10 years of intense self development training and through it I have equipped myself with highly powerful skills which is not limited to the following :


  • 10+Years experience – Leadership, Internet marketing, Social media marketing, Keyword Research usage and content implementation, Search Engine Optimization, Online behavior analysis, Search algorithm, Email marketing, Link building analysis, Search analytic, Online advertising placement using Heat-map analysis. The whole internet marketing campaign from Building, Launch, Branding, Scaling, Advertising.


  • 10+Years experience TCP/IP protocols, Website infiltration testing for site protection and security, Internet Forensic.


  • 6+ Years experience – World currency study, Strategic investment analysis, World economics study, Asset allocation study, Index analysis, Market analysis, Investments, Corporate business structure study, Investment vehicle and funds analysis, Marketing.


  • 3+ Years experience – CMS, Website structuring, Hosting & Domain names, Client Server Understanding, Network topology HTML, Blockchain.


  • 1+ Years experience – Venture capitalism, Startup, Disruptive technology study, Investor pitch, Wire framing model structure, Corporate By-Laws, Intellectual Property or IP


What i do if i am not working

I love traveling and photography. I do practice the ancient arts of astro-navigation or celestial navigation. I love reading books about science, physics, astronomy, history, economics, electronics, philosophy, Greek Literature and Survival books.

I am a fun of inventions especially about Robotics and Rockets space and planet explorations – and i have project plans for these as well.

This website is my Accelerator project and is one of my projects, i am also creating my own Startup and additional projects I will be launching.




To Success, Dreams and Goals – I am taking Action.


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