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5 cornerstone reasons why search engine marketing will never disappear

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I have been disturbed with so many articles around the internet that distributes ideas about search engine marketing that is no longer working in this current search generation.

Search engine have come a long way since the rise of search engine and how they helped and are helping people all over the world to search the needed things that are search by the internet population

In this post i will be sharing credible thoughts to silence the noise of counter-productive search engine marketing ideas that are ruining the cornerstone of search industry, to prove that search engine optimization and search marketing exist to this very generation since the the dot com boom.

1 The existence of HTML

If we talk about world wide web we always come across the word HTML. This famous abbreviation stands for Hypertext Markup Language.

The idea why HTML is part of a crucial role in search engine marketing is that all website basically needs to be open by a browser. An individual can use all the browsers in the world that has the most basic functions of making a website readable for any person searching online

A browser must understand HTML. The function of HTML provides a very important role to understanding a website and how the images, the text, the distribution of contents are arrange and how they are place together to become a readable website.

HTML is not complicated, this is just the bare bones composition of a website. This is how a website is introduce to a browser, although there are features like java script, CSS and PHP, HTML is still being use until now. The reason why i put HTML at the beginning of this content because of the importance of how it is being use by browsers. As technology evolves HTML also evolved to many levels but the basic functions still remains the same until now, even in the edge of artificial intelligence.

2 Contents

All the internet search have one thing in common.

Contents, that are optimize for search for people to read. It does not matter whether if it is a video content or an article of even a picture. These are all considered contents. Contents are a combination of text, images, video, pictures and many other valuable information for people to read, listen or watch. This is how we as a human being understand and follow what we hear, what we read or listen to. Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing a specific content for people to learn and understand. And the internet is full of contents, just about anything that we can think of.

3 Search Engine

Search engine boom started back in the 90s. If you are like me who loves reading reading tons of history books, the search engine industry started during the 90s.

1990 and above to be exact. During the days of Excite and Yahoo where search technology was the most exciting discovery of students in MIT, Harvard and other prominent schools where famous tech innovators came from ans are the first websites and companies that proved anyone can make money online. Search engine was something new back then which is part of the dot com rise where famous billion dollar company like Amazon started as well.

Search marketing will never disappear as more and more information are shared every second all over the world and all over the internet. The more people are connected around the world the more important search will become.

4 The social media plethora of content noise

Search marketing stands on the top of getting the best and targeted result of running and marketing a business online.

With so many contents that are publish in social media every second any person can be overwhelmed where to start searching for the correct and most accurate, valuable and helpful information to find, read, listen and learn.

Social media is good for creating noise but less effective in creating targeted interaction versus search marketing.

We can all argue about this all day long, but the fact that matter is

In social media your content will stay for a few hours in social media platform before it gets overlapped by other contents published by other social media users.

Search marketing is different, the contents earns more engagement and interactions because of how the way people initiated the search result of a specific search engine to produced results rather than noise.

Although social media has their own algorithm. To predict the most targeted audience of search and advertising, the search engine offers a wide array of search factors that contributes to the relevancy of a search results.

5 Targeted traffic

This is one of the most important part of traffic generation. A targeted visitor can become a qualified subscription or leads. Search engine optimization and search engine marketing main goal is to gain traffic. A website reach higher search exposure through proper optimization which will yield more subscriptions or leads. As you may heard the saying that the money is on the list. SEO allows you to fully create your own list and build network and rapport and recurring sales. Search engine marketing and search engine optimization will stay and evolve to a more robust platform and which will play a very important role in online marketing

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