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3 ways to improve and increase sales for your eCommerce store

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Commerce store is one of the best money earning online business platform that we can create anytime. When building an commerce store we should also understand that we need to develop a strategy to create the sales that we need.

This goes to any type of commerce store, whether if it is a drop shipping store, self manage ecommerce store any type of commerce store.

If you look at Amazon, amazon don’t need to do a lot of advertising to let people know that they are an commerce store. because the name of amazon is so synonymous to ecommerce.

Whenever someone mention ecommerce they will mostly think about amazon.

Now as a small and new ecommerce store, how do you compete with other ecommerce store?

Well, technically you don’t need to compete with anyone, what you need to do is to make your store different from other stores.

Now, if you ask me what if we are selling the same product like shoes? How do i make it different from the other store selling the same shoes i am selling?

This is what i am going to discuss.

1 Write a Blog

Why do i recommend that you should write or have a blog to write?

Well, this is exactly what some store have in common, time and time again stores focus more on selling. Spending tons of money in advertising but missing out a whole chunk of internert traffic.

Because most of the internet users out there gets annoyed and decline seeing sales or any online advertisements all over the internet

Having a Blog gives authority to a website owner, by writing valuable blog posts that helps the audience become aware of the products that the store is selling.

As a store owner it does not mean that you need to write all about the product that you are selling. You can also write about yourself and write stories about your store.

Having a blog within an commerce store gives you an opportunity to to deliver valuable information to your market which is the very first thing that we need to do instead of doing non stop selling and audience interruption.

2 Create More Stories And Events

Blogging valuable contents is one of the way that a store can increase their sales, build followers, increase trust and develop readership through their audience and followers.

Writing more stories and related events about you as the store owner can be a bit out of the box discussion but this is one of the ways to how you can start developing your exposure, this basically means building trust towards your customers.

Trust is the most important thing in business or relationships. People need to know who you are and what opportunity the store is selling.

3 Advertise Value and let it do the selling

Somehow in someway as a store owner there will come a time that you need to spend more money in advertising. And there are situations that the advertisements that you’ve paid for will yield low sales.

One of the reason is that instead of giving value, advertisements campaign are being use for audience interruptions.

It is a not a good idea to interrupt internet users, the more interruption advertisements a company sends the lesser the audience will be interested.

Interruption offers low audience interaction, what we need to do is to give value to your audience, instead of paying a ton of money for advertisements for interruption you need to use that advertisement budget to give value to your audience and let the value do the selling for you

Start Creating your blog by starting your own website

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