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3 Simple reasons why a business needs to have a website

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In this current generation where marketing, sales and customer service rely on so many different factors for a company to gain the advantage from the rest of the market share it is very important to have your very own website. In this post we shall discuss why you need to have a website to expand your audience coverage and earn the multiple benefits versus not having a website.

1 Develop Readership

Have you been reading all the articles, guides and tips of a specific topic you are researching or learning and come across a website or a blog that teaches all the things you need to know.

And after reading a few articles on the website you decided to save all of the articles or bookmark the whole site and visit it everyday to read and understand all the tutorials, guides and instructions that is given or listed in the site. In internet marketing this is called. readership marketing.

The author of the website simply becomes a credible source of information by providing incredible and highly valuable information products. The information are too valuable to forget the website and surf a different site to read. This is considered readership marketing. Where a specific website visitor see a website providing highly valuable and detailed information to all the readers without asking to get something in return. The visitor becomes a returning visitor.

Website plays a very important part or sector of online marketing. It matters whether a business of an individual is just starting in online marketing. Through the writings written or provided on a blog or website any author will gain readership and trust from the readers of the articles. Now you might be asking what is the purpose of providing great valuable contents for free when you can just sell it instead of giving it away for free.

Well, the next benefits will help you understand how online behavior works.

2 Increase returning traffic

As you provide high quality contents people will visit your website and as people visit your website these individuals will value you as a credible source of quality information. These people will have trust through the valuable contents that you have provided that are not easily found and some information that you provide free are required to be purchased instead. These groups of people are beginning to trust you because of the great contents you provide and you provide it for free.

As a human being we all want things to be free? Maybe not all but almost all love free stuff. These free quality information that you provide will help you build the audience in your market. As your audience grow your subscription will grow as well. Which will contribute to the next conversion of marketing which is sales. The reason why people subscribe or follow you or visit to read what you are are giving will be the following.

— Free stuff

This can be anything that you can give away for free. It can be an ebook or a tutorial free stuff that will benefit and answer the need of your audience.

— Trust

People will subscribe to your business or service if they see value to what you are giving. The free available things that you provide will increase and encourage your audience to become your followers. A market share in business will always need a solution for their problem. Every business that builds a website online will be within a market share helping people.

These groups of people will become their customer and repeat buyers of services or products created to target to solve the market problem. If you create a website for your business and provide valuable information, people will listen to you and will purchase your products.  Traffic on your site will increase as the contents that you provide will build credibility and trust for you from the audience perspective.

3 Increase subscription on your list and more sales for your business

Having your very own website or blog is not a short term business. It is a long term business success plan for any entrepreneur.

This is one of the great benefits of having your own website and one of the best way to to create and build your own list to market any products you provide to your list which is related to your market sector is having a website. When people subscribe to you it means that you have earned their trust. In business when we talk about sales, marketing, product relations and many more, the most important thing we need to build first is trust. A business needs to build their audience trust first this has been happening since the old days of marketing.

A business that focuses more on sales without focusing on the customers trust will of course earn sales but if we talk about keeping the customer engage as a repeat customer for long term business benefits, we need to earn their trust first.

Online marketing has evolve to many different things but the foundation of online marketing is trust. If a company created their own website and provide valuable information related to their business for free they will surely gain the trust of any customer.

Trust comes first then the sales comes second.

By focusing more on sales and not providing the exact details of a specific business or product such company will lose more customers versus having repeat sales.

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